Misdemeanor Criminal Bond

Bond amounts for misdemeanor criminal offenses in Liberty State Court are established by Hon. Leon M. Braun, Jr., Judge of Liberty State Court, as amounts generally required of a defendant as bond for release from jail for a particular offense. When a bond is posted, it may paid in cash or property. A property bond must be twice as large as the bond amount (for example, a person charged with a crime in which the bond is $136 is required to post a $272 property bond), and the bond must be approved by Liberty County Sheriff Steve Sikes or his designee.

A defendant who is not required or who does not desire to appear in court to contest charges (for example, for a traffic offense such as speeding) may forfeit his or her cash bond as the fine amount for the offense. The Office of the Clerk of Liberty State Court accepts credit cards for payment of all traffic-related bonds and fines. A surcharge is assessed when a credit card payment is made. Bond amounts for credit card payments are shown below.

A person who fraudulently uses another person's credit card or who tenders payment to this office a credit card payment for fraudulent purposes shall be subject to prosecution pursuant to the provisions of O.C.G.A. § 16-9-33, and may be fined up to $5,000.00 and imprisoned for not less than one year nor more than three years, or both.

The Office only accepts U.S. currency (cash), cashier's checks, and money orders for payment of court-ordered fines.


Bond and fine payments should be made to the Sheriff's Office at 201 South Main Street, Suite 1300; Hinesville, Georgia 31313. Telephone (912-876-2131) for more information if necessary.