Jury Information

Jury Information

Resources for Liberty County Jurors

The Clerk of Superior Court is responsible for maintaining jury lists, summoning jurors and general administration of juries during the jury selection process. Information provided on this site provides answers to most questions you may have about jury service. Please contact the clerk's office at 912-369-5879 if you have additional questions or need assistance with an issue relating to your jury service.

Check Jury Trial Status

Information provided as notice to jurors of the status of trials for which they have been selected in the State Court and Superior Court of Liberty County.

Courtroom Dress & Conduct Code

Courtroom dress and conduct code for the Superior Court, State Court, and Juvenile Court of Liberty County.

Juror E-Questionnaire

Online electronic Juror Questionnaire form.

Grand Juror E-Questionnaire

Online electronic Grand Juror Questionnaire form.

Grand Jury Handbook

Handbook to help Grand Jurors meet their responsibilities and be knowledgeable about their duties and limitations.

Jury Change of Address Form

Online Juror Change of Address form.

Jury Service Information

Facts for Trial Jurors provided for the benefit of persons summoned for jury service.

Jury Laws and Procedures

Information about juror selection, eligibility, and average length of service.