Local Court Information

Local Court Information

Information about the Liberty County Clerk of Courts

Liberty County fundamentally has a one-door court system, with the Clerk of Superior Court, Linda Dixon Thompson, serving as clerk of superior, state, juvenile and magistrate courts and as the local registrar for land records. The Clerk's Office is located in Suite 1200 of the Liberty County Justice Center at 201 South Main Street, Hinesville, Georgia. All documents pertaining to such courts must be filed in the Clerk's Office at the front intake counter. Superior Court and State Court courtrooms and judges' offices are located on the third floor of the Justice Center. Magistrate Court is located on second floor. The Juvenile Court courtroom and judges' offices are in the historic Liberty County Courthouse at 100 South Main Street.

Directions to Justice Center

Driving Directions to the Liberty County Justice Center.

Case Assignment System

Information adhered to by the Office of the Clerk of Superior Court of Liberty County for assigning superior court cases.

Clerk's Office Services

The Business-Administrative, Judicial, and Property services provided by the Clerk's office.

Court Calendars

The Liberty County Court Docket and Calendars.

Court Forms

Forms to assist you with your legal and filing needs.

Court Fee Schedule

Schedule of filing fees and court costs for Superior, State, and Magistrate courts.

Criminal History Requests

Policies for Criminal History search requests.

Divorcing Parent's Seminar

Seminar for divorcing parents; helping children cope with divorce.

Grand Jury Presentments

History of Liberty County Grand Jury presentments.

History of Local Court System

A brief history of Liberty County's judicial system.

E-File Magistrate Court Civil Case

Gateway to the Liberty County Magistrate Court for individuals and attorneys to make use of the many services available.

Misdemeanor Criminal Bonds

Information on the usual bond amounts for misdemeanor criminal offenses in Liberty State Court.