Directory of Judges

The following is a directory of judges of the various courts of Liberty County, their names, addresses, and telephone numbers. Judicial canons generally prohibit judges from communicating ex parte with parties, which means they can not talk with a party about his or her case without the other party present. Parties should not contact judges directly about pending litigation.

For a complete profile of each court and what judges of each court do, visit History of Local Court System.

Superior Court of Liberty County
Russell, Robert L., III (Chief Judge)
Cheney, Glen A.
Hendrix, Mark A.
Rose, C. Paul
Stewart, D. Jay
Senior Judges of the Superior Courts
Rahn, A. Ronnie, III
Cavender, David L.
State Court of Liberty County
Osteen, Jeffery N.
Juvenile Court of Liberty County
Darden, Linnie L.III
Magistrate Court of Liberty County
McGirt, Michael J. (Chief Magistrate)
Bomar, Jimmie R.
Pirkle, Joelyn
Silverman, Michael

Superior Court Judges

Judges of the Superior Court of Liberty County also serve the superior courts of five other counties of the Atlantic Judicial Circuit, including Bryan, Evans, Long, McIntosh, and Tattnall counties. Judges rotate every six months between the civil and criminal divisions. They travel the circuit to hear matters in the respective superior courts, as indicated on the master calendar of activities for the circuit.

Judge Robert L. Russell, III
Chief Judge
Atlantic Judicial Circuit of Georgia
Post Office Box 581
Darien, Georgia 31305
Telephone: (912) 437-3033
Office: McIntosh County Courthouse
Secretary: Cydnie

Judge Glen A. Cheney
Atlantic Judicial Circuit of Georgia
Post Office Box 217
Reidsville, Georgia 30453
Telephone: (912) 557-8686
Secretary: Tracy

Judge Mark A Hendrix
Atlantic Judicial Circuit of Georgia
201 South Main Street
Suite 3102
Hinesville, Georgia 31313
Telephone: (912) 876-4720
Office: Liberty County Justice Center Secretary: Dinnette Williams

Judge Charles Paul Rose
Atlantic Judicial Circuit of Georgia
201 South Main Street
Suite 3104
Hinesville, Georgia 31313
Telephone: (912) 877-4770
Office: Liberty County Courthouse Secretary: Gay

Judge D. Jay Stewart
Atlantic Judicial Circuit of Georgia
Post Office Box 842
Claxton, Georgia 30417
Telephone: (912) 739-4922
Secretary: Renee Jones

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Senior Superior Court Judges

Senior superior court judges are superior court judges who have retired but who, by law, may serve in the same official capacity as other superior court judges.

Judge David L. Cavender
Senior Judge
Atlantic Judicial Circuit
3341 Sutherland Bluff Drive
Townsend, GA 31331

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State Court Judges

The State Court of Liberty County has criminal and civil, non-jury pleas and motions every Tuesday, beginning at 9:00 a.m. Every 90 days trials are held for civil and criminal cases on a rotating basis.

Judge Jeffery N. Osteen
State Court of Liberty County
201 South Main Street
Suite 3105
Hinesville, Georgia 31313
Telephone: (912) 876-7101
Secretary: Melinda Padrick
Office: Hinesville

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Juvenile Court Judges

Juvenile court is held every Wednesday, beginning at 9:00 a.m. Juvenile hearings are not open to the public.

Judge Linnie L. Darden, III
100 North Main Street, Suite 2625
Hinesville, Georgia 31313
Telephone: (912) 408-2103
Coordinator: Vickie Cook
Office: Historic Courthouse

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Magistrates process both civil and criminal matters. Applications for criminal warrants are heard before associate magistrate judges at the Liberty County Jail, off Airport Road, in Hinesville, Monday - Saturday from 8 am to 12 pm. Civil matters are generally heard weekly by Chief Magistrate Melinda Anderson in the Magistrate Courtroom on the 2nd Floor in the Liberty County Justice Center.

Chief Magistrate McGirt, Michael J.
201 South Main Street
Suite 2100
Hinesville, Georgia 31313
Telephone: (912) 368-2063
Office: Liberty County Justice Center

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