F.    Barry    Wilkes    -    Clerk    and    Court    Administrator

Clerks of Superior Court have been elected county constitutional officers since 1798, when framers of Georgia's constitution created the office and provided for election of a clerk in each county of the state. The Clerk is accountable only to the people who elect him. He is not an employee or appointee of any county or state commission or any agent or agency of the judiciary. As an impartial county officer, the Clerk provides some of the most important checks-and-balances needed in both local county government and the state's judicial system.

The Clerk's duties include, but are not limited to, running the business arm of the local court system; accounting for all monies arising from fines, fees, court costs and fees imposed and required by law; managing county trial and grand juries, including summoning jurors for service; providing oversight and administrative support to the county board of tax equalization; and processing, protecting and permanently maintaining citizens' court, land and other important vital records.

Atlantic         Judicial         Drug         Court

The Atlantic Judicial Circuit of Georgia's Drug Court was established in 2009 under the leadership of Superior Court Judge D. Jay Stewart to reduce substance abuse, related criminal activity and recidivism by providing quality, holistic substance abuse treatment and thereby creating a safer community environment as an alternative form for offender rehabilitation. The 24-month program provides offenders intensive outpatient chemical dependency treatment that is supervised by judge.

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