Jury lists are created from statewide voter and driver's license lists. The name of every citizen of the state is included in the statewide jury pool unless such person has been previously excused from jury service for the reasons indicated below.

If you have not received a Juror Qualification Questionnaire from the Clerk of Superior Court of Liberty County or if you have not been called for jury service in the past, your name may not be on the current jury list(s) of the county. If you have completed a questionnaire and have served as a juror in the past, you may need to complete a new questionnaire to update your status as a juror. If either situation applies to you, please contact Barry Wilkes, Clerk of Liberty Superior Court, at (912) 369-JURY (5879). You will be sent a Juror Qualification Questionnaire for you to complete and return to the Jury Commission. You may also complete an on-line questionnaire by clicking on the link below:

To be eligible for jury duty, an individual must be a legal resident of Liberty County (have lived here for six months or longer), eighteen (18) years of age or older, and intelligent and upright. Persons convicted of a felony (or a misdemeanor involving moral turpitude) who have not been pardoned or had their civil rights restored are not eligible for jury service.

By law, the only persons exempt from jury service are individuals:

(1) 70 years of age or older (application must be made in writing to the Jury Commission for removal excusal);
(2) U.S. military personnel on active-duty status;
(3) Non-residents;
(4) Deceased;
(5) Permanently physically or mentally unable to serve (and they are required to have an appropriate physician or professional file an affidavit with the clerk certifying the existence of the disability).

An individual is exempt from service as a grand juror if he or she:
a) Has been or are you presently charged with a felony offense and is in a pretrial release program, a pretrial release and diversion program, a pretrial intervention and diversion program, or a similar diversion program from another state, or a similar federal court diversion program for a felony offense.
b) Is currently serving a sentence for a felony offense in this or any other state.
c) Is participating in a drug court division, mental health court division, veterans' court division, a similar court program from another state, or a similar federal court program for a felony offense.

All other persons may be considered for qualification as eligible jurors.

Any citizen whose name is placed on the jury list(s) of the county is eligible for service upon being randomly selected by the electronic, computer-based jury selection system of the Clerk of Superior Court and State Court. No one may be compelled to serve as a juror in successive terms of court within a year, nor for longer than four weeks within a year, except upon special order of the court or if a trial juror is selected as a grand juror during the next term of court.

The average length of service for a trial juror (also called a "petit" juror) is two-and-a-half (2½) days. This service is not generally performed during consecutive days, even though longer periods of service may be required. Grand jurors have an average length of service of five (5), although they may be required to return for three or four additional days during the term of court in which they serve to receive criminal presentments. Trial jurors are summoned for either civil or criminal trials.

Should you have questions or need additional information, please contact F. Barry Wilkes, Clerk of Liberty Superior Court (Post Office Box 50; Hinesville, Georgia 31313-0050; Attention: Jury Revision Clerk); Telephone (912) 369-JURY (5879).

Your cooperation and assistance is greatly appreciated.