Liberty    Independent    Troop

The Liberty Independent Troop is the only volunteer militia unit in Liberty County continuing to exist since its formation. It was originally called the "Dragons in the Liberty County Regiment of Military" or, according to one historical account, the "Volunteer Troop of Dragoons.

Captain John Berrien was the first commander of the troop, serving six months before being transferred to Savannah, Georgia, where he captained a militia unit. William McIntosh, Jr. was the second

captain on August 24, 1785.

Receiving pay only when they were on active duty, volunteers of the Volunteer Troop of the Dragoons "provided their own uniforms, equipment, and mount which they stabled at their homes. The state provided little more than arms and ammunition. They received pay only when they were on active duty, but not for musters, as it was their lawful duty to serve." This practice continued after the unit became the Liberty Independent Troop. Members of the troop "elected a captain and lieutenants from their number, who selected the non-commissioned officers and a clerk" ( as stated in Sweet Land of Liberty: A History of Liberty County, Georgia. Robert Groover. W.H. Wolfe Associates).

The race track of the Liberty County Jockey Club, near Riceboro, Georgia, was the initial parade ground and place of muster for the Liberty Independent Troop. According to Robert Groover (cited above), the unit also "took part in special events around the county on parade grounds constructed and maintained by residents of communities in which the facilities were located. It celebrated each Independence Day at Sunbury until 1833."

Minutes of Meetings of the Liberty Independent Troop:

March 14, 1918 - January 26, 1986

Minutes of meetings of the Liberty Independent Troop were compiled by Roland Salter, former president of the unit. The minutes are provided in PDF format. To open the document, click on the link below. Please be patient if it takes a moment to open the document.